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IRS News - 5 Essential Items to Know About Tax Resolution

2022-01-25 16:25

dave rosa

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IRS News - 5 Essential Items to Know About Tax Resolution

If you have tax debt, you may be a prime candidate to benefit from a tax relief company. Call Flat Fee for details.





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Should you have tax debt or any other type of large past-due tax obligation, you may be very interested in tax resolution service. Before you go jumping into anything, however, there are a lot of misconceptions about what they can accomplish. Here are 5 things that you need to know when considering a tax relief company.


#1. They Do Not Eliminate Your Past-Due Tax Obligations


One of the most common misconceptions about tax relief companies is that they can magically make a tax debt disappear by talking with the IRS. Even the best negotiators will not be able to talk the IRS into simply forgiving tax debt, even when it is potentially several years past due.


What they do is package and is help you negotiate an Offer in Compromise or installment payment plans to clear up your tax debt.


A tax relief company like the tax practitioners at Flat Fee will act as your representative when dealing with the IRS. Our team of IRS problem solvers can make potential dealings regarding your debt much less stressful than they may be otherwise. Among their tax relief services, it is possible to reverse potential penalties placed on you by the IRS.

#2. They Can Often Help File Missing Returns


Before a taxpayer can resolve/settle tax debt, their unfiled tax returns must be filed for the past 6 years. Many people find that when they need to clear up tax debt, one of the most confusing, frustrating, and outright difficult things to do is to file returns for missing years. An experienced tax practitioner will be able to conduct historical bookkeeping processes and help fill in the gaps in your tax return filings. 


#3. Experienced Tax Practitioners Are Expert Negotiators That Understand The IRS Processes


While most people dread having to speak (if they can reach the IRS by phone) with the IRS at all, tax resolution services are experienced in communicating with the IRS and are well-trained in tax law, remedies, and tax relief solutions that can help settle tax debt. An experienced Tax Attorney can help negotiate an Offer in Compromise (OIC), which can immediately stop all collection efforts as well as dramatically reduce the tax debt.


They can also help arrange for an installment plan where you pay your debt over time, and they can argue that larger payments will cause you economic hardship, ultimately lowering your monthly payments. For businesses, they can be the superheroes that help keep the doors open and payroll flowing.


#4. They Can Help Prevent or Stop a Levy & Liens


If you have a tax debt and the IRS is communicating the possibility of a wage levy, bank levy, or tax lien, then there is no time to waste in contacting a tax resolution service. In many cases when an individual receives a Notice to Levy from the IRS that they are going to be starting a levy on wages, on a bank, or lien processes soon, overwhelmingly ignore the problem until it’s too late and the seizures are in effect.


Whether the penalties are already impacting your life and finances, or if they are communicating that they are pursuing such action, tax resolution services can help stop these enforcement actions in most common situations.


#5. Tax Resolution Can Improve Your Credit In Some Cases


If you have had an IRS levy or a tax lien placed on you or your property, it causes credit damage in many cases and while becoming current on your taxes will not remove this blemish, tax resolution experts can help. An experienced IRS professional can file to have the lien or levy officially release, which makes it look like it was never even part of your credit history.


In cases where this is successful, the individual can see dramatic increases in their credit scores instantly, as it is restored to the state it was in before the IRS action affected it.


Using A Tax Relief Company


While tax relief company may be extremely helpful if you have a significant past-due tax obligation or have missing tax returns for multiple years. On the other hand, the cost of their services may not be economical if you only owe a few hundred or a couple of thousand dollars in taxes. We recommend taxpayers have a tax debt of $10,000 and more before hiring a tax professional.


Never, ever pay for an "investigation." If a tax relief company offers to "investigate" your IRS problem please say no. Collecting a fee for a so-called investigation is just a way to pay their salesman and recoup their advertising costs. All initial consultations should be free.


Curious to find out what can be done to alleviate your tax debt? If you are, give our team at Flat Fee a call today.











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